How To Cancel or Unsubscribe

Whilst we love having you as a ScreenCastsOnline member, we appreciate that circumstances can change, and you may want or need to cancel your membership and unsubscribe from the service.

You can cancel your ScreenCastsOnline membership payments at anytime and your membership will continue until the end of your current payment period (excluding free trials).

There are three ways to cancel your membership:

  1. Please refer to your original confirmation email where you will find a link to your payment details, as well as options to change your payment arrangements or cancel your subscription. Just click on the link in the email.
  2. Logon to the ScreenCastsOnline website and access the "My Dashboard" link.

Some members with have a direct link to cancel (or change payment details) as below.

Just click on the link to continue to cancel your membership.

If there is no link on your Dashboard, just click on this link and send an email of to the ScreenCastsOnline helpdesk. Once they receive your email, they will cancel your membership and your recurring payment immediately. 

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