Magazine Subscription FAQ

ScreenCastsOnline members with a Full membership receive a subscription to the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine as part of their full membership.  

What is it?

The magazine is a monthly Newsstand app available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. A new text version of the magazine was introduced on 1st August 2013 as part of Issue 13 - ideal for viewing on the iPhone. The text version of the magazine is only available for issue 013 and later issues. 

What is in it?

New magazine issues are published on the first day of every month and usually include the ScreenCastsOnline video tutorials released the previous month, plus some written articles, hints and tips.


How do I get the monthly magazine issues?

If you’re not a ScreenCastsOnline member, you can pay using the “Buy Now” buttons to purchase the individual issues, or you can take out a paid subscription in the app itself.

If you are a ScreenCastsOnline member, you can get a subscription to the monthly magazine and receive a free magazine issue each month if you upgrade to a full annual membership.


How do I download previous issues? 

You will only be able to access issues of the magazine published whilst you are a ScreenCastsOnline member. Prior issues published outside of your membership are not included as part of your membership in accordance with the Apple Newssstand Guidelines. 

You can purchase previous issues if you like, but this is purely optional. All the videos in the previous issues are available to download individually from the ScreenCastsOnline website and you have full access to these videos from the website as a ScreenCastsOnline member.

Do I have to pay full price for previous issues, even as a Member?

I'm afraid so. There is no way to give members a discount in Newsstand, or for any App in the iTunes or App Stores - this is a limitation of using the App Stores. 

How do I continue receiving the free magazines?

Once subscribed with a full membership, you'll continue to receive a new magazine automatically whilst your membership is valid.


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