SCO Magazine App Crashing When Playing Videos

Some people are experiencing the SCO Magazine crashing when trying to play videos.
We have discovered there is a bug with the subtitles if they are switched on, causing the video and the magazine to crash. We have raised this as an urgent bug with the developers but in the meantime, there is a quick fix to get around this issue.
The subtitles need switching off but the embedded player doesn’t show the subtitles control so you can’t switch them off and the app crashes.
The fix is a bit tricky as you need to do it rapidly before the app crashes so you may need to try this a few times! 
The steps are:
1. Start the video playing and tap on the full screen icon in the top right hand corner.
2. As quick as you can, tap on the video to bring up the playback controls and then tap on the subtitle icon.
3. As quick as you can, switch the subtitles to off.
From that point on, everything should be OK.
We hope to have a fixed version of the app available soon.


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    George Smith

    I switched  off the subtitles and the app stopped crashing, thanks Don. 

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