Important Information for Members - RSS Changes

Some important information for all ScreenCastsOnline members who use iTunes, the Apple Podcast App or any 3rd Party Podcast app to receive the weekly episodes automatically. 

We've now rolled out the secure https protocol across the entire ScreenCastsOnline website. To receive future episodes automatically each week, you will need to subscribe to the RSS feeds using the information below. 

iTunes - Mac

  1. Open iTunes on your Mac and select File - > Subscribe to Podcast
  2. Copy one of the links below into the box that opens and press OK

1080p Resolution

720p Resolution

You will be subscribed to the new feeds.

Podcast Apps on iOS

  1. Follow the usual mechanism for adding a Podcast manually to your Podcast App
  2. Copy one of the links below into the App and add your ScreenCastsOnline username and password if required.

1080p Resolution

720p Resolution

If you have any issues, please log a call with and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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